Qt framework

Qt examples of GUIs.

Architecture of the system:

The following examples are GUIs to interface the system in order to visualize its working status and to allow the operator to act on the system. The GUI is a stand alone PC connected to a server application through TCP/IP and a simple protocol based on XML packets.


System GUI

Operator GUIs

Wt framework

Remote GUI

This is a Wt application running on the embedded system and accessed through a standard web browser.


Motor board + I/O (MSP430F5419A).


FPGA & linux drivers

Armadeus apf51

  • Freescale 800 MHz i.MX515 processor:
    ARM Cortex A8 with 32KB I and D cache, 256KB L2 and FPU (floating point co-processor)
  • Xilinx Spartan 6A XC6SLX9 (




Web sites

Symphony web site
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